Hong Kong Typhoon Causes Plastic Pellet Spill Disaster

The Oman Observer reports that in late July, over 150 tons of possibly toxic plastic pellets (also known as nurdles) were knocked from a ship into the ocean during the worst typhoon Hong Kong has had in the last 13 years. While the spilled pellets were cause for considerable alarm—and only one third have been cleaned up so far—it's also troubling that the government did not inform local residents about the incident.

The plastic pellets are not necessarily toxic on their own, but over time, they easily absorb toxins and pollutants, which are then ingested by fish and other marine animals that eat the the pellets. The toxicity then travels up the food chain.

For more on this disastrous spill, read the spill and cleanup report in the Oman Observer.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal is now also reporting on the massive spill.

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