BPA one of Hundreds of Endocrine Disruptors Altering Reproductive Health

An article on the Green Prophet states that bisphenol A is only one of many endocrine disrupting hormones that plague the human body today. The article discusses the prolific nature of BPA, and states that while an effort has been made to suggest that BPA is not harmful, a wealth of studies now support the evidence that even small doses of BPA can be harmful. While BPA is a problem, contributor Tinamarie Bernard suggests that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hormone mimicking chemicals in plastic. Bernard writes that

BPA is just one worrisome compound in some plastics.  According to an October 2011 list compiled by TEDx’s Endocrine Disruption Exchange, there are at least 870 known chemicals that can mimic hormones and therefore alter our bodies and our systems.

With such a great number of chemicals harboring equally adverse effects, Bernard's message is clear. "What can you do besides avoid plastic bottles with or without BPA? Avoid plastics all together." To learn more about homone disrupting chemicals and their effects on the body, please see the full article here.

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