Mexicans Still Reliant on Bottled Water

A story in the New York Times this week explores how Mexican families use bottled water for just about everything: cooking, cleaning, and even bathing. Residents profiled in the story complain of yellow tap water that seems unfit to use for anything. Many buy every drop of water they use from either multinational companies or local sellers who have invested in filtration systems.

It is a business model that is emerging in megacities across the developing world. Rich people pay a premium for branded jugs that can be refilled from companies owned by multinational corporations like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Danone. In working-class neighborhoods, local entrepreneurs fill the demand.

But not all of the water is unsafe to use. The director of Mexico City's municipal water authority, says that advertising by corporations has further diminished trust in local tap water. He also says the poor building maintenance may be responsible for some of the city's water problems. "I know the water. What I don’t know is the level of maintenance in buildings’ cisterns and water tanks," he says.

For more, read the story on the New York Times website.

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