Poisoned by Plastic: Chemicals in Water Bottles A Source of Illness, Birth Defects

An article by the Daily Mail today addressed the growing concern people have over the toxicity of plastic, and attempted to discern whether fears were legitimate, or simply scare-mongering. The article began by focusing on the growing number of people who now actively choose to do away with plastic in their everyday lives -- a trend that contributor Steve Boggan writes can no longer be attributed simply to lone fanatics. The article describes several people who have found new ways to avoid plastic in their day to day activities, and shares how difficult it is to completely eliminate plastic. Boggan writes that, more and more, plastic bottles and bags are being replaced by paper, jute, cotton, and stainless steel. Boggan writes:

"The problem if you want to avoid BPA and phthalates is that you probably can’t. They are all around us, in compact discs, car parts, carpets, floor tiles, cosmetics - the list is endless. If you see plastic that is soft and pliable, then it is because of phthalates. Have you ever noticed how a re-used water bottle becomes brittle over time? That is because the phthalates have leached out of it - and you have drunk them.

Which is why many people are deciding to simply write plastics out of their lives. Juliette Scarfe says: ‘I know so many women who are having difficulties conceiving and I am convinced it is because of hormones in the plastics around us. My partner and I plan to start a family, so I’m steering clear of them as much as I can.’"
The article voices a question asked lately by many: if evidence exists to suggest that bisphenol-A is potentially harmful, why is it still not banned? To learn more about the situation, please see the full article on the Daily Mail here.

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