Maine School Eliminates Styrofoam, Saves $50k in Recycling Initiative

In Portland, Maine [United States], Riverton Elementary School has implemented a new recycling program that has saved the school around $50,000, as well as eliminating about 50% of the school's waste. In an article published today on Bangor Daily News, contributor Seth Koenig reports that a recent concern regarding the longevity of styrofoam has also led to another important change in the District. According to the article:

"...Superintendent James Morse dropped the morning’s bombshell. In an announcement that caught most in attendance by surprise, Morse said the district will use the $50,000 saved from reduced garbage handling costs to eliminate styrofoam trays from school lunchrooms starting next fall."

This change came as an unexpected surprise to the District, but one which will improve the waste problem both Riverton Elementary and King Middle Schools have reported. To learn more about the descision and its impacts, see the full article on Bangor Daily News here.

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