Canned Food Raised Reporters' BPA Levels by 2000%

In a startling report posted by TreeHugger today, the findings of a study conducted by a group of reporters in Sweden showed a very drastic change in the body's BPA levels brought about by the consumption of canned food. The reporters undertaking the study consumed food exclusively from cans for two days, taking urine samples both before and after. The results revealed an increase in BPA by about 2000%, a figure that stunned the reporters involved in the study. According to the article by A.K. Streeter, "All four of the experiment subjects had markedly ncreased levels of bisphenol A in their urine. The shocking part was that the levels (calculated as nanograms per milliliter) rose between 2,800 and 4,600 percent from the two days of eating nothing but canned."

To learn more about the study and its findings, please see the full article on here.

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