Glowing Zebrafish Detects Endocrine Disruptors

In an article published in the [United States'] Sacremento Bee today, Russell Mclendon of Mother Nature Network discusses the use of a genetically modified Zebrafish in detecting endocrine disrupting pollutants' impacts on the body. The fish, which has had genes implanted into it from another species (referred to as "transgenic") glows the brightest in the parts of its body most impacted by pollutants such as bisphenol-A, amongst others. The study has revealed that more parts of the body are affected by environmental estrogens than was previously thought. McClendon writes:

"'This is a very exciting development in the international effort to understand the impact of estrogenic chemicals on the environment and human health,' co-author Charles Tyler says in a press release. 'This zebrafish gives us a more comprehensive view than ever before of the potential effects of these hormone-disrupting chemicals on the body.'"

To find out more about the way this transgenic zebrafish is contributing to a better understanding of environmental estrogens, please see the full story on the Sacremento Bee.


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