Help for a Plastic Planet: New Report Focuses on Solutions to Global Plastic Pollution

In an article posted on AlterNet today, contributor Lisa Kaas Boyle introduces a new report entitled "Marine Debris as a Global Environmental Problem: Introducing Solutions Based Framework Focused on Plastic" which seeks to define plastic as a clear environmental problem, and proposes greater accountability for companies which produce products which utilize plastic in packaging. While many efforts to address ocean pollution have been ambiguous about the nature of problem, referring to "marine debris" rather than plastic, this report identifies plastic as a main source of pollution. According to Boyle,

"The solutions specified in the report take account of the fact that the vast majority of communities around the globe are not able to manage non-biodegradable plastic waste because there is no plastic recycling infrastructure or market, and the volume of plastic waste overwhelms landfill capacity. Furthermore, the report acknowledges that plastics are produced and marketed around the globe by corporations that must take part in effective management of the resulting plastic waste."

To read more about the report and the effects it may have on promoting a less disposable lifestyle, read the full article here.

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