Waiting for Supermom: Why Parents are Forced to do the FDA's Job

In a story published on Wednesday, writer Laura MacCleery discusses a story recently published on the New York Times, which portrayed her efforts to keep her home toxin-free as the efforts of an overprotective, neurotic parent. MacCleery addresses the criticism of the New York Times through her perspective as a mother, a role that she says is highly contingent on being a competent risk assessor. This is a role that the FDA does not take on, and according to MacCleery,

"We should enact laws that require products to be proven to be safe before our children and families can be exposed. And in the case of FDA, we shouldn’t tolerate these ridiculous waiting games. The agency should meet its legal obligation to protect the public from chemicals that can reach our food supply and have not been proven to be safe. That would be a government that only a mother could love."

Read the full article on OnEarth Magazine here.

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