Welsh Bag Tax Cuts Usage by 90%

An article in the Daily Mail revealed yesterday that over the past few months, a 5 pence tax on plastic bags in Wales [United Kingdom] has cut bag usage by 90%. The tax, which was introduced six months ago, requires all grocery stores to levy a 5p tax on plastic carrier bags, which is then donated to charity. Sainsbury's chains have reported the greatest drop in bag usage at 90%, followed closely by Co-op stores at 86%, and Morrisons at 60%. The Daily Mail writes:

"A Welsh Government spokesperson said: 'We have been pleased by how the Welsh public have adapted to the charge.'

Retailers are being encouraged to give any profits to charitable and environmental causes.

Tesco has given £300,000 to RSPB Cymru, while the Co-op estimated around £100,000 would be available to support environmental projects around Wales."

To find out more about the bax tax and its effects in Wales, see the full article in the Daily Mail here.


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