Los Angeles Times Focuses On Employment Impact of Plastic Bag Ban

Today, the Los Angeles Times ran a short piece on what the city's newly proposed plastic bag ban may mean for workers employed in plastic bag manufacturing. Instead of exploring why such a ban will ultimately be good for the city and the environment, the piece stresses the potential for job loss.

Let's be clear: We're not interested in destroying jobs. The Plastic Pollution Coalition works with a number of green businesses, including manufacturers who are constantly striving to make their business more eco-friendly. But we do object to reporting that only focuses on a slim part of the issue and fails to mention the specific concerns of the myriad environment organizations fighting for bag bans to eliminate plastic pollution in the natural world. More importantly, it's critical to recognize why these bans matter. Plastic bag bans go a long way toward reducing pollution. In 2009, the United States Environmental Protection Agency found that a shocking 7 percent of plastic waste generated was reclaimed for recycling.

We often appreciate how well the LA Times covers these issues. It's a shame they neglected to give the full story in this piece.

Photo via agit-prop on Flickr

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