Trash Patch

Trash Patch: The Other Plastic Soup, A Haitian Recipe

In 2007, Port-au-Prince ranked 3rd as the dirtiest city in the world according to a Quality of Life Report produced by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. The report ranked 215 cities throughout the world based on levels of air pollution, waste management, water potability, hospital services, medical supplies and the presence of infectious disease. Underscoring the fact that even before the January earthquake that reduced the country to rubble and ruins, Haiti’s services and resources were scarce and dwindling.

Trash Patch: How Much is Your Bottle of Water Really Worth?

Plastics News, a trade magazine, that publishes the current prices of plastics, lists virgin PET pellets between 83 and 85 cents a pound; and recycled PET pellets between 58 to 66 cents a pound.

Gone With the Wind: The $5 Umbrella Dilemma

Not too long ago, on a windy rainy day like today, while city workers were dreading the trip into work, I was out with my bright-green ‘poncho’ taking pictures of the $5 umbrella trail left behind by the crowds of wet commuters after what seemed a fierce battle against the forces of nature. Every corner- trash-receptacle overflowing with black clumps of broken umbrellas that pedestrians had ditched.

Trash Patch: A Plastic-less Earth Day

1960: Fifty years ago, when President John F.

Trash Patch: The Plastics Age

In the beginning of the nineteenth century Danish archaeologist Christian Jürgensen Thomsen devised the ‘three-age system’ as a way to categorize the different periods of human history into consecutive ‘ages’, defined for their respective predominant tool-making materials, hence the stone, bronze and iron ages. Sequentially the Industrial Revolution gave way the ages of Steam and Steel; and while our post industrial epoch is commonly referred to as the Information Age, it could just as easily go by the label: the Plastic Age.

Trash Patch: A Magazine Article Can Go a Long Way:

The initial conversation that gave way to Trash-Patch did not happened on land, nor water; It so happens that it happened on the air while overflying the Atlantic ocean in the summer of 2008.

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