trash mountain

Serbia's Environmental Disaster Stalls EU Membership

Serbia is one country currently seeking to become a part of the European Union, but it faces a great challenge in preparing for stricter EU standards on the condition of the environment prior to its acceptance as a member state. According to an article on ABC News, the state of the environment in Serbia has been in dire straits since the 1990s, when war turned attention away from ecosystems in the country. As a result, reporter Darko Vorjinovic writes that the state of affairs in Serbia today is far from the expectations of EU regulations.

World's Urban Waste a Silent But Growing Problem

The Guardian published an article yesterday that reported that the World Bank has determined that urban waste is set to increase steeply in the next twenty years. The report, aptly titled "What a Waste: A Global Review of Solid Waste Management" has provided information on a country and region basis regarding waste generation and disposal, and according to contributor Mark Tran, the report noted:

For Many in India, Landfill is a Livelihood and a Home

In a shocking story from the Los Angeles Times today, Mark Magnier reports on what is referred to as the "Trash Mountain" of India, the 70 acre landfill of Ghazipur, New Dehli -- a place in which poor "rag pickers" live and scavenge for garbage which they can use to make a living. According to Magnier,

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