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Singapore Uses 3 Billion Plastic Bags Per Year, Study Reports

The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) has published a study which reports that the citizens of the country use approximately 3 billion plastic bags per year, resulting in a staggering amount of avoidable garbage. Eco-Business' Elga Reyes reports that the SEC has urged retailers to take action against the growing plastic waste figures by taking matters into their own hands. Reyes writes:

Steelys Drinkware CEO John Borg Talks Green Business and Disposable Habits

A few short years ago, plastic pollution was a problem which occupied a very small part of a consumer's environmental awareness. Modern research has been a catalyst for a shift in the way people live, inspiring active lifestyle choices which exclude the single use plastics that have become a dangerous addition to the environmental issues the planet faces.

Study Sheds Light on Scope of Pollution in India

A study conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board of Ahmadabad, India during the year 2010-11 has given the Minister of State for Environment and Forests disturbing data upon which to base further political action. The study, which took survey of plastic trash data across 60 cities, concluded that the total figure representing India's plastic waste in just one day amounts to 15,342. 46 tons. Out of this overwhelming sum, 9,205 tons are gathered and recycled, and 6,137 tons remain uncollected.

New Jersey School Installs Water Refill Station, Eliminates 3,000 Plastic Bottles

Students of the Glen Rock High and Middle Schools of New Jersey are practicing sustainability in a very real way, as a new device recently installed on campus encourages students to make use of a resource that they have readily available to them -- clean tap water. According to a report on North Jersey, new water fountain units that include a station for carbon-filtered, clean water to refill reusable bottles have been installed, giving students the ability to bring their own bottles to school.

California Considers Statewide Bag Ban

The California Grocers Association announced its support for a bill today which proposes banning plastic bags across the entire state -- a move which has given the bill a significant public boost. The bill, SB 405, was introduced by Senator Alex Padilla (D- Pacoima) and would prohibit single use plastic bags from being distributed in pharmacies and grocery stores beginning January 1st, 2015. According to a Los Angeles Times article written by Marc Lifsher, convenience and liquor stores would face the same requirements the following year.

Northern Ireland Implements 5p Bag Tax

An article from the BBC yesterday marked the beginning of Northern Ireland's new tax on plastic carrier bags, which has now officially come into effect. The tax mandates that retailers must charge 5 pence for each new, single-use carrier bag that is handed out in shops, and these funds are sent directly to the Department of the Environment. The Department hopes that the fee will discourage the use of plastic bags by 80%, but they have also applied the fee to paper and starch-based bags in an effort to promote the usage of reusable bags across the board. According to the article:

IKEA, Whole Foods Scrap Plastic Bags for Good

In a new success story from the struggle against plastic bags, Whole Foods and IKEA have now announced that they are disowning the single-use bags alongside a number of other companies which have introduced schemes to eliminate waste from their stores. An article from GreenBiz authored by Alison Moodie comments on the move made by these two organizations, stating that:

Brazilian Burger Chain Develops Edible Wrappers

A fast food restaurant in Brazil has introduced a new, edible packaging for their food according to a new article from Fox News. The chain, called Bob's, has introduced the wrapping as part of an advertising campaign which aims to play up consumers' enthusiasm for the burgers, suggesting that they cannot wait to unwrap the burger to enjoy it. According to the article:

Unrecyclable Biodegradable Bags Enforced in Gulf Country

The United Arab Emirates Government has created legislation in an attempt to rid Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates of plastic bags by creating a law that only biodegradable bags may be used in all businesses beginning January 2013. The Green Prophet's Tafline Laylin reports that while this is a well meaning attempt to eliminate the plastic problem, many fear that the legislation will not be sufficient to curb plastic pollution. According to Laylin:

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