San Diego Faces Recycling Crisis

The Southern California town of San Diego is facing a growing challenge according to Deborah Sullivan Brennan of UT Times, who reports that recycling bins in the city are overflowing as San Diego's waste management program is unable to keep up with waste produced. Recycling is collected in two week intervals in San Diego, and recently, residents of the city have noticed the blue bins designated for recyclables are overflowing, while the black general waste bins have extra space inside.

China's 'Green Fence' Policy Stalls US Trash Export Industry

For many, the act of recycling a plastic bottle or aluminum can puts these ubiquitous consumer items out of sight and out of mind. The things these objects are subjected to once they are processed by recycling have long been overlooked by consumers, but for many American exporters, recycling a bottle or a can is just the beginning of its profitable life. Known by its trade name, "scrap", America's recycled garbage is collected into bales and sold on to other countries.

Why is America Throwing Away $11.4 Billion a Year?

In an article written for Forbes, journalist Amy Westervelt explores the phenomenon known as extended producer responsibility (EPR), a model which encourages producers to take control of the recycling process their packaging must undergo. While some big businesses support the model, not all plastic packaging companies are on board. Westervelt writes that the value of discarded packaging in the USA in 2010 reached a total of $11.4 billion, a staggering figure that has profound economic implications. If this is the case, Westervelt asks:

Maine School Eliminates Styrofoam, Saves $50k in Recycling Initiative

In Portland, Maine [United States], Riverton Elementary School has implemented a new recycling program that has saved the school around $50,000, as well as eliminating about 50% of the school's waste. In an article published today on Bangor Daily News, contributor Seth Koenig reports that a recent concern regarding the longevity of styrofoam has also led to another important change in the District. According to the article:

Entrepreneurs Seek Ways to Turn Plastic Waste to Financial Profit

A group of environmentalists and entrepreneurs working with the Rio+20 environmental summit have initiated a contest geared at collecting ideas for converting plastic waste into a way of making money.

Illinois Considers Holding Plastic Producers Responsible for Recycling

In an article published on Quad Cities Online yesterday, it was announced that the US state of Illinois' retailers are currently supporting legislation that would make plastic bag and packaging manufacturers responsible for the products they produce. Contributor Eric Timmons writes about a new bill which has passed in the Illinois Senate this week would require bag and wrapper manufacturers to pay a fee of $500 annually to the Illinois Environmental Protection agency to support a collection and recycling scheme for plastic carrier bags.

Carpinteria Middle School

Carpinteria was funded as a NOAA Ocean Keeper School in 2011. This middle school Ocean Guardian School project is focused primarily on the establishment and maintenance of a school-wide recycling program. Through organized school announcements and scheduled classroom presentations, students will promote the newly implemented recycling program across campus as well as carry out weekly collection and sorting.


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Companies Pick Up Used Packaging, and Recycling's Cost

New York Times Business columnist Stephanie Strom recently published an article discussing the cost of recycling to large businesses, and the ways in which many organizations have sought to reduce costs and improve their images by setting goals for greater recycling initiatives. She writes:

Girl Scouts are Cutting Down on Styrofoam Waste in Massachusetts

By the Westborough Girl Scouts

In Massachusetts, the Westborough Patch reports that with the support of the Westborough Board of Health and the sponsorship of Central One Federal Credit Union, Westborough Cadette Girl Scouts, Bhargavi Ram and Kaleigh Wright, are bringing Styrofoam (Polystyrene #6) recycling to Westborough. They have been working on this project since the spring and have set a date of March 24 to hold their Reduce, Reuse, ReFoamIt! event.

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