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Malawi Announces Ban On Plastic Imports

The Malawi government has issued a ban on the importation of plastics with a thickness of less than 60 micron meters, determining that these bags are often disposed of after use, and therefore not environmentally friendly. According to a reported from the Nyasa Times, Malawi's government had concerns regarding the way these single-use plastic bags were eliminated. Because they are thin, these bags are often burned after use, contributing to a widespread problem of hazardous open burning practices. According to Dr.

Mauritania, Africa Bans Plastic Bags

An article from the BBC today has announced that Mauritania, Africa has banned plastic bags after a series of alarming statistical findings have determined that more than 70% of cattle and sheep in its capital city have died from ingesting plastic. According to the BBC, plastic makes up a quarter of 56,000 tons of waste produced in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. The government of Mauritania has responded to the figures, commenting:

Gifts Offered for Shoppers who Forgo Plastic Bags

The city of Los Angeles, California, as part of an incentive to help eliminate single use plastic bags from grocery stores, has instituted a new scheme with the help of Heal the Bay to give shoppers a reason to bring their own bags. According to an article by David Carini in the Marina Del Rey Patch, the city of Los Angeles and Heal the Bay have organized a "Day Without a Bag" during which shoppers who elect to bring their own bags from home will be entered in a draw to win a $100 Vons gift card.

Notices Issued on Plea Against Delhi's Blanket Ban on Plastic Bags

An article from the Hindu yesterday states that Delhi's new ban on the production of plastic packaging, set to take effect on November 22nd, has drawn the attention of plastic bag advocates who have submitted a petition against the government's mandate. The article states that the reason given for petitioning against the ban was that shutting down plastic bag production would cut a number of jobs, leaving people in search of new work.  The Hindu reports:

Haiti Bans Plastic Bags, Foam Containers

In an article published by the Miami Herald last week, contributors Jacqueline Charles and Curtis Morgan report that the Haitian government has banned plastic bags and polystyrene containers, with the legislation set to go into effect from today, October 1st. The legislation includes the sale of, importation of, and marketing of both plastic bags polystyrene containers. According to Charles and Morgan:

San Francisco Bag Ban Gets Go-Ahead from Judge

Last week, California Superior Court Judge Teri Jackson upheld the ordinance San Francisco recently passed which banned most retail locations in the city from distributing plastic bags. The ruling was the final outcome of a lawsuit filed by the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, which insisted that the environmental impact of the bag ban was not properly assessed before the ordinance was passed. Writes Aaron Sankin of the Huffington Post,

California Fails to Ban Plastic Bags, Polystyrene

In a disappointing conclusion to a prolonged debate, California's efforts to pass a bag ban have failed once again, with insufficient support created in the legislature to ensure its passage. According to an article posted on the Plastics News website yesterday, the California Legislature ended its session on August 31st with no Assembly vote on a potential polystyrene ban, and no comment from the Senate on a proposed plastic bag ban.

Vietnam Seeks to Check Plastic Bag Pollution

In an article published by yesterday, VietnamNet reports that Dang Van Loi of the Department of Pollution Control has made his intentions to tighten control on plastic bags clear. According to the article, Loi's plans include tighter control over plastic bags from production to consumption to recovery, as well as the promotion of more environmentally friendly, reusable options. 

Plastic Money: Under the Influence of Styrofoam

In a story on the Huffington Post today, Matthew Spiegl reports on a ban that was set to be enacted by the city of San Jose, California which would have eliminated polystyrene to-go containers.

No To Plastic Bags, Styrofoam

By Ellalyn Da Vera, The Manila Bulletin

MANILA, Philippines — Environmental groups on Wednesday expressed support for the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) plea for a metro-wide ban on plastic bags and Styrofoam.

EcoWaste Coalition’s Task Force Plastics Troy Lacsamana said it is time the rest of Metro Manila’s local governments, particularly Caloocan, Malabon, Manila, Marikina, Navotas, Parañaque, Pateros, Quezon City, San Juan and Valenzuela joined other municipalities in addressing plastic pollution.

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