Rio Tackles Pollution Crisis as 2016 Olympics Loom

Rio de Janeiro is set to be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, an honor that has the city buzzing to perfect its image for the big event. Unfortunately, cleaning up Rio in time for the games is proving a daunting task, even with two years to go until the opening of the show. According to the BBC, Rio is facing a pollution problem in iconic Guanabara Bay that is proving a challenge to tackle. Julia Carniero reports that pollution levels in Guanabara Bay are at critical levels, creating health risks and physical obstructions for sailors training for the games.

London 2012 Visitors Urged to Refuse Plastic Bags

Green activist group Greener Upon Thames is campaigning at the London 2012 Olympics to encourage visitors to refuse single use plastic bags during the games. According to the organization, the Olympics could generate a vast amount of plastic waste that would travel around the world and create a global problem which would shame Britain as a country. Guardian reporter Rebecca Smithers writes:

DOW Chemical Forced to Drop its Logo from Olympic Stadium, IOA Still Not Happy


By The Press Trust of India

Proposed Bag Ban - London

Plastic bags LondonIn 2007, London came very close to being the first large city in the world to ban plastic bags.

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