Sub-Alpine Lake Contaminated with Microplastics, Research Reveals

Scientists from the University of Bayreuth, Germany have recently conducted research on the waters of popular Italian vacation site Lake Garda, with disturbing results. Sub-alpine lakes are treasured as pristine environments, shielded from human contamination through isolation and altitude, but researchers found microplastic contamination in unanticipated levels in the waters of Lake Garda. In an article published on the Daily Mail, Sarah Griffiths reports:

Cinque Terre Plastic Water Bottle Ban

The five coastal villages that comprise Cinque Terre, in Italy, banned plastic water bottles in 2010 amid concerns that the area--a national park--was being literally buried in garbage by the hundreds of thousands of hikers and tourists visiting each year and leaving behind their plastic water bottles. Local experts put the garbage toll at about 2 million plastic bottles per year.

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