FDA's Decision on BPA Exposes Catch 22

In a piece published by Scientific American on Monday, scientists Frederick S. vom Saal and Patricia A. Hunt discuss their research on the effects bisphenol-A can have on the body, and the United States Food and Drug Administration's descision to classify BPA as harmless to humans. According to vom Saal and Hunt, there have been hundreds of peer reviewed studies which have proved the detrimental effects of bisphenol-A, a number of which they have personally contributed to.

Waiting for Supermom: Why Parents are Forced to do the FDA's Job

In a story published on Wednesday, writer Laura MacCleery discusses a story recently published on the New York Times, which portrayed her efforts to keep her home toxin-free as the efforts of an overprotective, neurotic parent. MacCleery addresses the criticism of the New York Times through her perspective as a mother, a role that she says is highly contingent on being a competent risk assessor. This is a role that the FDA does not take on, and according to MacCleery,

What Now for Bisphenol A?

Recently, Sandy Bauers from Philly.com Green shared her views on the bisphenol-A issue through her blog, "Green Space." She discusses the FDA's deciscion to halt a ban on bisphenol A, but to continue research on the facts regardless, and comments that "If the FDA doesn't know or isn't sure, it can't allow the chemical's use." This mention of the use of a precautionary principle is an important point, and highlights an unnessecary risk taken by the FDA. Baurs quotes Tom Philpott of Mother Jones in saying:

BPA-- What's the Big Deal, Baby?

On Friday, the Green Prophet published a guest post by Daniella Dimitrova Russo, the co-founder and executive director of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, on the dangers of BPA despite the United States Food and Drug Administration's recent deciscion to continue to allow its presence in food packaging. The article sheds light on the numerous health impacts bisphenol-A is associated with today, and Dimitrova Russo writes:

Doctors Frown on FDA Legislation on BPA

In a statement released last Thursday, the Endocrine Society, representing a large group of medical reseachers, expressed their disapproval in the United States Food and Dug Administration's decision to continue to allow the use of bisphenol-A in food packaging. Emily Main of Rodale Health reports on the statements made by the Endocine Society, and quotes Ph.D Andrea Gore in saying:

FDA Rejects BPA Ban

Moments ago, Forbes announced the descision of the United States Food and Drug Administration to reject the ban of bisphenol-A in food packaging, who claimed that there is insufficient proof that BPA is harmful to warrant new restrictions. Contributor Amy Westervelt writes that the decision was met with disappointment and anger by public health advocates, who have been fighting to give this chemical the attention they feel it deserves as hazardous to human health. Westervelt writes:

Toxic Chemicals in U.S. Food Packaging Must Go

Huffington Post Food featured a blog post by Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook this Monday, addressing the United States Food and Drug Administration's upcoming descision on bisphenol-A in food packaging. In his article, Cook discusses the ubiquitous nature of BPA, particularly its presence in blood samples from both adult and newborn humans. Cook states that if the FDA agrees to ban bisphenol-A from food packaging, it will be a turning point in the history of the chemical. He states:

Our Contaminated World

By David Crews and Andrea Gore, the Huffington Post

By the end of this month the FDA will announce whether to ban the use of bisphenol-A in food and beverage packaging. The chemical, also known as BPA, is already banned in the European Union, Canada, and for certain uses in 12 states in this country.

End Game: The Petitions to Ban BPA

By Matthew Spiegal, The Huffington Post
BPA doesn't belong in our bodies, but the plastic industry made a lot of money putting it there. Now we want it out of our bodies, and out of our environment -- along with the rest of the single-use plastic that is strangling our earth, suffocating our ...Read More.


BPA in Food Packaging: US FDA to Decide by March 31

By Michelle Maisto, Forbes

In late February, French lawmakers voted to ban the use of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in all food packaging. It was a gutsy move, putting the health of Europeans ahead of big-business interests. Better still, it may give the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the nudge it needs to likewise vote to keep BPA away from Americans’ food and drinks.

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