IV Bags Found to Contain Phthalates

According to an article published on io9.com, IV bags --used to deliver medicine directly into the veins of many hospital patients-- have been found to contain phthalates which can cause diabetes. Robert Gonzalez writes that pthalates have been linked to heightened blood glucose levels, a cause of diabetes. While industry officials are refuting the claims, and dismissing the study as flawed, the scientists who worked on the study are confident in the accuracy of their findings. Gonzalez quotes an Environmental Health News reporter, saying that:

BPA's Obesity And Diabetes Link Strengthened By New Study

By Lynne Peeples, Huffington Post

The modern lifestyle of super-sized french fries and couch potatoes often takes the blame for the rising rates of obesity and diabetes in the U.S. -- perhaps rightly so. But growing evidence suggests another factor in the dual epidemics: modern chemicals.

BPA Again Tied to Diabetes Risk

By Reuters, Fox News

Adding to the mixed bag of research on bisphenol A and diabetes, a new study suggests that people with higher urinary levels of the controversial chemical do have a higher risk of diabetes. Bisphenol A—better known as BPA—is a so-called endocrine ...Read More.

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