Beth Terry

What to Do With All That Holiday Plastic

Maria Rodale's blog on the Huffington Post featured an article by Beth Terry recently, addressing a problem that many of us are facing around this time of year: the problem of holiday plastic. Terry gives thought to a number of plastic packaging options used during Christmas for gift wrapping, shipping, and holiday festivities and shares insight into how to use them to prevent them becoming waste. Terry suggests a few simple solutions for a waste free post-Holiday purge, including:

Handbook on Plastic Free Living Produced Without Plastic

Recently, author Beth Terry announced on her blog, My Plastic Free Life, that her new book would soon be available for puchase. Entitled "Plastic Free: How I Kicked The Plastic Habit and How You Can Too," the book provides a humorous but practical approach to eliminating plastic from one's everyday life. This book, however, is unusual in that its publishers have created it with the message of the book in mind-- that is, without plastic. Furthermore, Terry writes:

Ask Beth: What to Do with Old Plastic Stuff


QUESTION: How do I get rid of the plastic stuff in my life without throwing plastic out?

ANSWER:   That's a tricky problem, and unfortunately there's no perfect solution. We have lots of plastic items in our house from before I stopped buying new plastic. Most of them I have kept and continue to use.  That said, I don't want to eat out of plastic because of the chemicals that can possibly leach.

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