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Northern Fulmars still eating plastic in the North Sea

5 Gyres: Movers and Shakers Inspiring Changemakers

By Sarah Menzies. I'm sitting on the bow of a 72 foot sailboat wondering how I got to be so lucky. The ocean is a magnificent shade of blue, so powerful that it actually evokes an emotional response from within me. It is so inviting, yet it takes everything inside of me to not swan dive from the spreaders. For if I did, I'd surely be swallowed up by the vastness.

Make Plastic Art, Get the Chance to Be on 5 Gyres' Next Expedition!

Want the chance to join 5 GYres on their next expedition from Tahiti to the Cook Islands? All you have to do is get creative and enter  the Chaco Waves for Change Contest! They're looking for creative submissions that demonstrate our world's addiction to single-use plastic. That means anything from fine art to photography to video to sculpture and anything in between. Between now and March 13th, just submit a digital file of your plastic-inspired artwork to 5 Gyres.

5 Gyres: Convenience Can Break the Entire Ocean

By Stiv Wilson, 5 Gyres The weather has been great for science, but the wind is a bit slow for sailing. We're a bit crunched now, having to make up some miles that we lost when when hove-to, during the storm. Now, however, the seas are calm and the sky is cloudless. Life aboard is much easier though we're starting to run out of food staples.

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Dinner: White Wine, Garlic, Butter, Clams and OH YEAH, STYROFOAM!

26023_381981261304_726696304_3836720_2734775_nBy Stiv Wilson. As a member of the 5 Gyres team back from an expedition to the Atlantic I'm no stranger to the horrendous fact that plastic is ending up in the marine food chain.

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