Plastic Manners: Sacked!

I thought I would get this column started with a relatively recent encounter of bad plastic manners.  It came near the end of my first year without plastic.

I was heading to the Seattle airport on my way to Finland.  The trip was going to be long, and I knew I had to pack a lunch if I didn’t want to starve refusing plastic airplane fare.  A highway-side Subway offered a somewhat ingestible solution.  Until…

Ask Beth: What to Do with Old Plastic Stuff


QUESTION: How do I get rid of the plastic stuff in my life without throwing plastic out?

ANSWER:   That's a tricky problem, and unfortunately there's no perfect solution. We have lots of plastic items in our house from before I stopped buying new plastic. Most of them I have kept and continue to use.  That said, I don't want to eat out of plastic because of the chemicals that can possibly leach.

BagMonster: New Year’s Resolutions – 10 Eco-Friendly Ways to Make a Difference in 2011

Here are some resolutions that we believe are worth making, and keeping! Here’s our challenge to you:  Pick at least one idea which you are not already practicing and implement the resolution into your daily life!

The Faster Times: Lead in Your Grocery Bag? Corporate America’s Latest Scare Tactic

Yesterday, in newspapers throughout California, a nonprofit innocently named the Center for Consumer Freedom, ran a full page ad emblazoned with the ominous headline: “Your Family’s Grocery List Shouldn’t Include Lead and Bacteria.” Under those words is a picture of a reusable bag, wrapped in yellow caution tape, and some explanatory paragraphs warning consumers about the lead- and bacteria-tainted reusable bags from China.

Rise Above Plastics: Suck 'Em Up!

Remember that old 70's Island saying? You can still find that salutation on a thrift store T-shirt now and then, but...I digress (and this is just the second sentence of the blog entry)...

Where was I? Indeed! Sorry for the couple-week layoff - lotsa work, a birthday and a few stitches to the hand can keep a blogger away - so let's get back to it!

This is a FRIDAY QUICKIE, and it's noteworthy nonetheless - get this: a vacuum cleaner made with beach trash - FUN! (what?)

Blog Action Day: Plastic Bottles in the Wild

The Plastic Pollution Coalition is proud to join thousands of bloggers across the world for this year’s Blog Action Day, focusing on water issues.  Our post is presented by PPC co-founder Lisa Kaas Boyle, Esq.

REFUSE, Not Recycle

We recycle; therefore, we are decent citizens of planet Earth, right? Well, sort of …

Ever think about where stuff goes AFTER you toss it into your recycling bin?

Trash Patch: How Much is Your Bottle of Water Really Worth?

Plastics News, a trade magazine, that publishes the current prices of plastics, lists virgin PET pellets between 83 and 85 cents a pound; and recycled PET pellets between 58 to 66 cents a pound.

Gone With the Wind: The $5 Umbrella Dilemma

Not too long ago, on a windy rainy day like today, while city workers were dreading the trip into work, I was out with my bright-green ‘poncho’ taking pictures of the $5 umbrella trail left behind by the crowds of wet commuters after what seemed a fierce battle against the forces of nature. Every corner- trash-receptacle overflowing with black clumps of broken umbrellas that pedestrians had ditched.

Trash Patch: A Plastic-less Earth Day

1960: Fifty years ago, when President John F.

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