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DOW Chemical Forced to Drop its Logo from Olympic Stadium, IOA Still Not Happy


By The Press Trust of India

Rothko-esque Plastic Bags Go From Rubbish to Relevant

By Karen Chernick, Green Prophet

Colorful plastic bags are both the canvas and the paints in Aviva Sawicki’s artworks.

Under Pressure from Sponsor, American Idol Pulls Plug on Plastic PSA

Forbes ran the story this week of what appears to be Coca Cola stifling a public service announcement about single-use disposable plastics. 

Art Installation Highlights Plastic Pollution in Greenville, SC

Environmentalist and artist Pam Longobardi has long used the detritus of human life to highlight the issues in our collective relationship to nature.

The Story of Plastic and Toxic Art

The stuff of war is the stuff of art. Some of the earliest cave drawings depict tribal strife. Since before history, the material and materiel of war has served as a vast palette for artists to explore and explain the times in which they live.

The EnvironmentaList: Saving the World, One Made-Up Word At a Time

By Mary Catherine O'Connor

Saving the world—or rather, trying to save the world—can be rather tedious and difficult and boring. It’s not so sexy or compelling to your average Joe or Jane. But when a charismatic, handsome, worldly (read: rich) individual puts his resources (and charisma and long flowing hair) to the task, people take notice. And if that person does something audacious, like build a boat out of plastic bottles and sail it from San Francisco to Sydney, well, it attracts attention.

Make Plastic Art, Get the Chance to Be on 5 Gyres' Next Expedition!

Want the chance to join 5 GYres on their next expedition from Tahiti to the Cook Islands? All you have to do is get creative and enter  the Chaco Waves for Change Contest! They're looking for creative submissions that demonstrate our world's addiction to single-use plastic. That means anything from fine art to photography to video to sculpture and anything in between. Between now and March 13th, just submit a digital file of your plastic-inspired artwork to 5 Gyres.

"Buried in Plastic" Gets the Ad Council Seal of Approval

PPC’s witty video “Buried in Plastic” has been endorsed by the Ad Council, and featured in their newest catalog.

Bag It Screened by Producers Guild of America

The Producers Guild of America screening of Bag It took place in downtown Los Angeles on the Friday following the Los Angeles County Bag Ban this Tuesday, November 16th, 2010, giving those in attendance at the screening a feeling that the dreams of the film are becoming reality.

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